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Will Caitlyn Jenner Be a Judge at 2015 Miss USA Pageant?

Will Caitlyn Jenner Be a Judge at 2015 Miss USA Pageant?
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The Miss USA pageant is next month, and rumors have been swirling that Caitlyn Jenner may be a judge. Nothing has been confirmed, but the organization told “Extra” that it would love to have her as a judge, and they’ve made an offer.
Since 2011, Miss USA is the only pageant system which allows transgender contestants. Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo was even asked as her final question whether she thought it was fair for a transgender woman to win the title over a naturally born woman. The question, which was submitted by Twitter, was asked by Jenner’s stepchild, Rob Kardashian. Take a look!

In the Vanity Fair interview, Jenner told the magazine that it's not easy choosing a name, and explained how she selected Caitlyn after watching beauty pageants. Jenner liked the names Heather and Cathy, but Caitlyn stuck in her mind.
When her assistant casually mentioned liking the name Caitlyn, Jenner told her, “I love that name, too!” Jenner saw it more as a sign than a coincidence.
Watch the Miss USA 2015 pageant on July 12 at 8 PM on NBC.