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Transgender Model Andreja Pejić Congratulates Caitlyn: ‘Enjoy Your New Life’

Transgender Model Andreja Pejić Congratulates Caitlyn: ‘Enjoy Your New Life’
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“Extra’s” AJ Calloway chatted with Andreja Pejić, the first transgender model to appear on the pages of Vogue, at our H&M Studios in Times Square. Andreja also made history by being named one of the new faces of Make Up For Ever.
“It’s the first time a major cosmetics company has taken on any trans woman, it’s incredible, for me, it’s obviously a huge success in my career,” said Andreja. “I feel like we’re doing something very brave, and I feel like a lot of companies should follow their example.”
MAC Cosmetics may be following in their footsteps, with Caitlyn Jenner rumored to be up for her own deal with them. Andreja shared her thoughts on what she would say to Caitlyn. “I would say you look beautiful, congratulations, and I hope you are enjoying your new life.”
Her advice for Caitlyn would be to “just keep grounded, and keep your strength and enjoy the experience.”
Andreja said she thought Caitlyn looked beautiful on the cover of Vanity Fair. “I thought she defied expectations.” She continued, “I thought the cover was done really well, very tasteful, elegant, she looked very peaceful, very happy. I think it’s great. I think it’s great that Vanity Fair is stepping up and doing this.”
The model also said that Caitlyn coming forward publicly is great for the transgender community. “Obviously, she was such a successful sports player and iconic figure in American society, and it just gives these, sort of gives the experience of the trans community and the platform a greater level of exposure, and yes, I think it’s very interesting to see an iconic figure in American society come out and claim the truth. I think it’s great.”
Andreja revealed she underwent gender reassignment surgery, something Caitlyn may do in the future. She called her own experience “freeing.”

“You feel freer than ever,” Andreja said. “Everything that was holding you back, you don’t have anymore.”