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'Game of Thrones' Tell-All: Kit Harington Talks Jon Snow's Love Life… and His Death?!

'Game of Thrones' Tell-All: Kit Harington Talks Jon Snow's Love Life… and His Death?!

Kit Harington stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood to talk about the latest season of “Game of Thrones” and his new film role in “Testament of Youth.”

Kit, who is admittedly shy and fearful of doing TV interviews, sat down with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson. Charissa joked with him, “Are you terrified right now?” Kit responded, “Yeah… am I hiding it well?”

Harington, who is fearless as Jon Snow on “Game of Thrones,” gave us some season 5 secrets and spoilers. Snow recently became the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch on the hit HBO show, something he isn’t sure his character is really ready for.

“I think we’ve been waiting for him to do that, sort of been groomed for command for so long, it had to happen, I don’t know if it’s naturally a comfortable fit for him. I think he is a leader, he’s finding out this season that requires a lot of political prowess and I don’t know if he’s very good at that, not very comfortable with the political side.”

Jon, like all the characters on the show, is always facing death, but will he face love this season? Kit flat-out told us, “No.” “I think he had his shot at that and he screwed it up, I don’t know if there’s love waiting for Jon ever again.” The actor also revealed how he would like his character to die if it came to that, saying, “I think death by dragon!”

Harington is falling in love and taking on a whole new look as a WWI soldier in his new movie, “Testament of Youth,” a role he is “really proud of.”

“I think it’s an amazing movie,” he said, adding, “I play a character called Roland Leighton, and he is a poet, essentially, he is a wannabe poet, he’s a young man of about 19, I played him when I was 28, so that was a bit of a stretch, and he is enlisted into the British Army to go and fight in the First World War, it’s really the story of Alicia Vikander’s character, Vera Brittain, and their love together.”

Kit, clean-shaven and sporting a short hairdo in the film, revealed, “It was a wig… it was a good chance to get away from the hairy thing.”

The star also answered questions from the fans! Watch:

“Testament of Youth” is in theaters June 5, “Game of Thrones” airs Sundays on HBO.