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Keeping Up with a Kardashian Left ‘Elle’ Editor Broke, But with a ‘Boost of Confidence’

Keeping Up with a Kardashian Left ‘Elle’ Editor Broke, But with a ‘Boost of Confidence’
Tyler Jo/ELLE.com
To celebrate the release of Kim Kardashian’s new book, “Selfish,” ELLE.com's Senior Editor Sally Holmes attempted to dress like Kim Kardashian for a week to fully experience what it’s really like to be a Kardashian. Her conclusion? It’s not easy (nor comfortable), but did give her a “boost of confidence."
"Dressing like @KimKardashian taught me that GF is VERY very brave," Holmes tweeted about the experiment.

Holmes learned to embrace her curves (and Spanx), saying, "After squeezing into my suction shorts (please allow 10 extra minutes for pulling waist line past thighs), I put on the green skirt and crop top (crop top! ahhh!) and looked in the mirror," she wrote. "CURVES. EVERYWHERE. Since the skirt is a sample, it's probably two to three sizes too small, so the fit is not just body-conscious, it's body self-conscious."

The senior editor also learned that living like a Kardashian is expensive! Holmes broke down Kim’s wardrobe on a daily basis, and realized that the reality star spent, on average, over $1,000 a day on her fierce fashion.

elle-sally-kim-k-1-watermaked[1][Credit: Tyler Jo/ELLE.com]

Besides the price tag, and lack of oxygen, Holmes concluded that the overall experiment was positive. "I certainly made a statement and drew a lot of looks, but clothes don't make a person, and these outfits, even though they, in a backwards kind of way, did give me a certain boost of confidence, didn't fully make me Kim Kardashian. But, I certainly tried."