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Melissa McCarthy Talks New Clothing Line and Plus-Size Shopping, Because ‘People Don’t Stop at Size 12’

When Melissa McCarthy’s not working as an actress or writer, producer, or being a mom to 8-year-old Vivian and 5-year-old Georgette, she’s focusing every minute on her soon-to-debut clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, launching in August.

melissa-mccarthy-more-magazine[Credit: David Slijper/MORE]
Melissa opened up to More magazine for their June issue, and chatted about how she’s turning her fame into fashion with a “pretty consuming” fourth career, and discussed the struggles of plus-size shopping, saying, "It’s an odd thing that you can’t go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section."
She continued half-jokingly, "We’ll put you gals over there because we don’t want to see you, and you probably don’t want to be seen.”
The “Spy” star also admitted to the magazine a reason for starting her new clothing line is because "people don’t stop at size 12.” She added, “I feel like there’s a big thing missing where you can’t dress to your mood above a certain number."
Melissa had this in mind when she designed the new line, which will contain over 80 pieces ranging from sizes 4 to 28, and will be available through retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, as well as on MelissaMcCarthy.com.
“My problem is, I don’t hand things off very well,” she said about her hands-on approach to designing, which includes doodles from her daughters that Melissa will incorporate into the finished product. “I just figure if it has my name on it and I want to make people feel good about wearing it, I can’t pass it off.”
For more from Melissa’s interview, pick up the June issue of More, on newsstands. “Spy” is in theaters June 5.