Tantrum-Throwing Toddler Was Just 'Having a Moment' at the White House

Tantrum-Throwing Toddler Was Just 'Having a Moment' at the White House
Pete Souza/White House
To be fair, two-year-old Claudia Chaudhary is probably not the first person who's ever thrown a tantrum in the White House (members of Congress, we're looking at you), but thanks to a photo snapped in April and shared on social media this week by her uncle, she may become the most famous.

At a Passover dinner, little Claudia is shown in an official photo facedown in the Red Room, crying inconsolably as President Obama, the First Lady, and others look on. Known for being unflappable, President Obama seems to be taking the display in stride. 

Now, Claudia's uncle, New York Times writer Benjamin Moser, has explained that she's a little girl overwhelmed by all the people who was "just having a moment."

Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Moser says:

"She's a very nice girl and not a brat or anything."

Claudia and her brother, Leo Chaudhary, with their parents. [Cred: Facebook]

Claudia's dad, Arun Chaudhary, was the videographer for President Obama's 2008 campaign. Her mom, Laura Moser, wrote of the photo that it was "just one of ten tantrums that hour."

Sounds like a very normal flare-up of the terrible twos! We'll wait and see if President Obama decides to do his own #TantrumLipSync: