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Sports Illustrated Model Chrissy Teigen Reveals She's 'Terrified' to Wear a Swimsuit

The Sports Illustrated model may be photographed in swimsuits, but Chrissy Teigen admitted to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, she’s not a fan of wearing them.

When Mario asked the foodie how she stays in such great shape when eating so much delicious food, she joked, "I don't." She continued, “Luckily, I do that once a year, I really buckle down and do that.”

Fresh from her Billboard Music Awards hosting duties, Chrissy divulged that, for the most part, she doesn’t get into a swimsuit, not even privately, saying something about a swimsuit just “terrifies” her.
Chrissy, always outspoken and keeps it real on social media, says she’s taking a break from it right now. “There’s a lot, after you do something of that caliber, you get a lot of feedback.”

She also spoke about the incident at the top of the award show when an audience member tripped over her dress, and revealed it completely threw her off! “I couldn’t really recover, I think maybe it was seat-filler or something, but poor thing, my walk was maybe fifty feet, so the fact that we seem to have met perfectly at that first step, it was like, oh my goodness, how did this happen?!”
Chrissy told Mario she tries to balance her home and work life with her famous husband John Legend. “I was just filming ‘Top Chef’ in Palm Springs yesterday. I had driven out from Billboard Awards to Palm Springs, he came out literally just to sleep with me."
She continued, “You have that balance. These the are hours we can be together, but it is also nice to be in our two worlds, working our butts off and then coming together and be excited.”
The couple is next looking forward to a little fun over the Memorial Day weekend. Chrissy, who plays a pirate named Paquita Pantalones for Captain Morgan Rum's ad campaign, said the two plan on throwing a good barbecue  “We love to throw a good party, and we have our special drink of choice, the Shark Puncher this weekend, so we’re going to be making it for all of our friends and family.”