Watch: Bruce Jenner Confesses to Kim Kardashian: ‘I Stole Your Outfit’

In a new sneak peek from E!'s two-part special, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce,” after Kim Kardashian tells stepdad Bruce Jenner that his closet full of women’s clothing could be “chicer,” Bruce confesses to Kim, “I stole your outfit!”

In the clip, Bruce Jenner is showing off his closet to Kim, who quickly dishes out her fashion advice, telling Bruce what she should and should not wear. "Let me just go through and tell you what I like."
"Red could be okay," the reality star said to her stepdad, but insisted after looking at a few pieces, “I think you have to be chicer than this." After a few moments, Bruce nervously wants to tell something to Kim, who asks, “What? You copy my outfits?”
Bruce grins before exiting the room, “No… I stole your outfit!”
“What?” Kim replies shocked. “You stole my outfit?!”
Watch Part 2 of “KUWTK: About Bruce” on Monday, May 18 at 9 PM on E!