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Jaime King Reveals Why She Chose Taylor Swift to Be Her Son’s Godmother

Jaime King Reveals Why She Chose Taylor Swift to Be Her Son’s Godmother
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Actress Jaime King was absolutely glowing while showing off her adorable baby bump, joining “Extra’s” Renée Bargh at Westfield Century City, where she gushed over her good friend Taylor Swift, and revealed why she chose the pop star to be her future son’s godmother.
“It’s not about who she is or what she does. For me, in the lineage of our family, choosing a godmother is something that’s very, very sacred for us,” King revealed to Renée. “When you look at what she’s done, and what she does within the world, when you look at how positive and beautiful… and what she gives her fans, and how unconditionally loving she is, she’s so authentic there’s not one thing that she does that’s not real to her.”
King continued, “She is so incredibly generous that I want these kinds of values to be instilled in my son, and I know that she has been so loving toward my family, and she’s so close to her family that if anything were to ever happen, that on a day-to-day basis that he will always have somebody to look up to who is genuinely a beautiful human being.”
Taylor and Jaime both shared a touching video on social media last week, accidentally revealing the baby's gender. “I was having a routine checkup and she [Taylor Swift] was there, and the baby kept kicking, and she’s like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god,’ and she did this really cute video and accidentally, I realized we revealed the sex on the video… it’s a boy!”  

The 36-year-old mom is also lending her name to a good cause at Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Super Saturday. “It’s something that I really, really, believe in, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is so, so, important, it’s so great because it’s such an incredible day for the family, you can come out you can bring your dogs, you can bring your kids, you can bring your family. They have the most incredible discount shopping.”
For more information, go SuperSaturday.ocrf.org.