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‘RHOA’ Reality Star Kenya Moore Says Her ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ BF Is Married!

Reality TV star Kenya Moore is dealing with more drama, and it’s unrelated to “Real Housewives of Atlanta." The boyfriend she met on “Millionaire Matchmaker” is actually married!

kenya-moore-instagram[Credit: Instagram]
Kenya got hooked up with real estate hottie James Freeman on the Bravo show, and looked happy in pics posted on Instagram back in March, but the former beauty queen just announced some bad news on her Instagram about his relationship status, “Unfortunately, I just learned today that the man I met and fell in love with from ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ was married a week after the show aired.”
Kenya chatted with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway today at the Bravo Upfronts, saying she is positive that James was seeing the other woman when they began dating. “We did the show in November and there’s evidence of me being out, and [having] birthday dinners together. My birthday was at the end of January, so that’s pretty clear, but it is what it is.”

The reality TV star is taking the high road, saying, “I’m not the first person that’s been lied to by a man, and I’m not the last. I’m in this fight and I’m a warrior and I just think life trails on, that’s it.”
She continued, “You gotta kiss some frogs to find a prince, things happen and it’s just how you react to it that determines your future and I just think that this is just a bump in the road.”
Kenya told AJ she wants to find a man who is “truthful, forthcoming, and is who he is.”

AJ also talked to “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger, who is catching some heat over the dating debacle, “He was single when he shot [the show], which was in November," said Stanger. "They basically dated, they broke up, he did not date his old girlfriend and marry her... He met a new girl in January, and he ended up marrying her, it was very fast. She added, "Bottom line is long distance relationships are tough.”

Kenya’s love life is constantly a hot topic on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” with many of the housewives accusing her of making up relationships to up her airtime. Actress Vivica A. Fox, who co-starred with Kenya on “Celebrity Apprentice,” called out Kenya’s fake relationship on Twitter, “Well dayummnn #ToxicTrick Kenya Moore strikes again! The guy she said was her new guy is actually married? SMDH WTH!? #ByeTrick.”