Pres. Bill Clinton Tells Letterman 3 Things Need to Happen Before He Moves Back into the White House

Former President Bill Clinton stopped by last night’s “Late Show with David Letterman” to bid a fond farewell to the longest-running late-night show, and joked with Letterman on his three conditions for moving back into the White House.

“Well, first of all, Hillary has to win the nomination,” Clinton told Dave. “If she wins the nomination, then she has to win the election. If she wins the election, the chances are 100% I’ll move back – if I’m asked.”

Clinton explained to Letterman, when a President asks you to do something, you say yes, “So, I hope I’ll be invited.” He added, “It’ll be a good thing for America if she won, I hope she does.”

Letterman gushed over what Mr. Clinton has been able to accomplish since his White House days, and suggested that it might be possible for a man or woman to “be more effective out of office,” to which Clinton quickly replied, “Well, you’re about to find out.”

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