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Michael Douglas Gushes Over Catherine Zeta-Jones: ‘I Really Lucked Out’

Michael Douglas Gushes Over Catherine Zeta-Jones: ‘I Really Lucked Out’
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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoyed a date night in New York, hitting the town for “The Actors Fund for Everyone in Entertainment,” and talked only to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway.
Catherine raved about her Mother’s Day. “One of the best days I've had in many, many years, we were all together, I got spoiled rotten, I must be doing something right.” Michael revealed he spoiled Catherine with flowers and gifts, and, “lots of love and affection.”  Douglas continued to moon over his bride, “I lucked out, I really lucked out.”
The couple also dished to AJ on their summer plans, with Michael saying, “I've got to promote ‘Antman’ till I’m another year older, 'til I’m 78 or something, Catherine’s got a fun picture she’s looking forward to doing. We try for as much as much as we can for the summer to be with the kids.” Catherine added, “We like to be with the children.”
As for whether we'll ever see the two on the big screen together, Catherine said, “If he wasn’t my husband, I’d like to work with Michael Douglas, it’s true, he’s a great actor.”  Michael, jumped right in, “I would like to work with you any way I can get you, honey.”  He continued, “It’s a good question, I’ve been wondering myself, you’re not playing hard to get now, it’s too late.”
Michael, a sports fan, also weighed in on the news of the day regarding Tom Brady’s suspension. “It was fair, it was fair, they treated it as a second strike, could have been six games, million-dollar fine for the team. They left those two guys out there, the equipment guys who lost their jobs got fired, no pay, they’re sitting at home, so what do you do?” Michael added, “Of course, I’m a Jets fan, so…”