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Charlie Sheen Talks 'Two and a Half Men,' and Spending Mother's Day with His Exes

Charlie Sheen is one of the most outspoken men in Hollywood and now he is sitting down with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson opening up for the first time about his controversial exit from "Two and a Half Men," what he's learned, what he regrets and where his life is now.

Sheen stopped by “Extra” to co-host Wednesday’s show and had a candid conversation with Charissa, admitting he does have regrets about what happened with “Two and a Half Men.” “Yeah, I should have been a little more humble, more regretful, shouldn’t have attacked them like I did and I probably should have begged for my job back.” He laughed, “Beg is a color I don’t wear well. I probably should have requested my job back.” He went on to say, “I think that what went down was fixable, and I made it irreparable."

The actor, who went on to create and star in his own series, “Anger Management,” is proud of the 100-episode run on FX. “It was an environment of compassion, of creativity of love… Nobody yelled.”

Now, he’s enjoying time with his family. “Five kids and a granddaughter, my oldest daughter Cassandra has a daughter named Luna.” He joked with Charissa when she asked what’s different about being a grandparent from a parent. “You can leave the child behind, you know, the diaper stinks and we’re done.”

Sheen just spent Mother’s Day with his ex-wives Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller and their kids, saying they all get along. “We're all smart and accomplished, and we're all adults, there's so many kids involved that it’s so much better for them.”

Life is better for Charlie as well. Thompson asked, “After everything that you’ve been through, been open about, where are you in your life... happiness on a scale from 1 to 10?” Charlie’s response, “Every day, 8.5.”

While we had Charlie with us, we had to get him to set the record straight on his biggest rumors, including whether or not he left a $1,400 tip for a waiter.

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