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Kaley Cuoco and Nikki Lund Make Terminally Ill Girl’s Wish Come True

When fashion designer Nikki Lund learned of an Instagram post about a 13-year-old girl in the UK who was suffering from terminal cancer and wanted nothing more than to connect with the cast of “The Big Bang Theory,” she immediately took action.

Lund got in touch with longtime friend Kaley Cuoco, who was happy to record a special video message for Nicole, to let her know just how special she is. 

Kaley was able to FaceTime with the girl too. Cuoco told Us Weekly, "When I heard Nicole's story and how much she loved BBT, I just had to connect with her in some way -- thru her amazing family, and help from people like Nikki and others, we were able to FaceTime and send little videos straight to Nicole -- her 2 thumbs up was a sure sign that at least for a moment, she was happy ;) she is lucky to have such an amazing family and I felt honored to share in such a wonderful moment.”

Lund, who has known Cuoco for more than 10 years, told “Extra,” "I’m grateful that my friend Cassie Scerbo looped me in on Nicole's story, and I'm happy that I could be of help in connecting the dots between Nicole and Kaley. I have all the respect in the world for Nicole and her family and I am praying for them.”