Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Mourns McDreamy’s Death, How Does Meredith Deal?

In the first episode since Derek Shepherd’s bittersweet sendoff, “Grey’s Anatomy” jumped many months into the future to show how each doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial grieved for McDreamy, but only one doctor left fans gasping with her heartbreaking storyline – Meredith Grey!
Meredith’s first instinct was to run! She left a note for her fellow doctors, packed up her two children, and got out of Seattle. For six or seven months, no one has heard from Meredith, except for one phone call made to her friend Alex. By Christmas Eve, fans see Meredith very, very pregnant.

greys-anatomy2[Credit: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.]

Jump to New Year’s Eve when Meredith goes into labor. She started bleeding, and her young daughter Zola had to call 911. We flash to a young Meredith going through a similar situation when her mother, Ellis Grey, tried to commit suicide. Fans come full circle with Meredith’s story.

Meredith is brought in for surgery, and has a healthy and beautiful baby girl named Ellis. The nurse told Meredith that her husband was outside, but sadly, it’s her emergency contact, Alex. "I saw her face and I saw him in her. She's beautiful," Meredith told Alex.
By the end of the two-hour episode, the tissue box was empty and fans were shown how all the doctors were moving on without Dr. Derek Shepherd. Snow Patrol’s "Chasing Cars" played, just like it did in the season two finale, and we see Meredith return to the hospital. Dr. Meredith Grey dressed in her gown and gloves for surgery, but not before putting on something special – Derek's signature scrub cap. 

"Are you ready for this?" Dr. Bailey asked Meredith. She replied, "I am. All I have to do is begin.”

greys-anatomy[Credit: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.]