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‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards Refuses Rehab, Storms Off Dr. Phil Set!

‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards Refuses Rehab, Storms Off Dr. Phil Set!
An emotional Kim Richards reportedly ran out of her interview with Dr. Phil at the Beverly Hills Hotel after the talk show host offered to help place the reality star in a top-notch treatment program, according to Daily Mail Online.
Richards reportedly refused Dr. Phil’s offer, with eyewitnesses overhearing obscenities being screamed by the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star. She also had specific demands about rehab.

An eyewitness at the hotel told the website, “Kim insisted that any program had to fit her needs, saying she wouldn't go out of state, wanted to do a 30-day not 60-day program, didn't want to miss her daughter Brooke's wedding in May and was worried about being away from Monty,” referring to Richards’ ex, who is battling cancer.

Three of Richards’ children were also spotted at the interview lending their support, including her 22-year-old son Chad, who was overheard pleading with his mom to go to rehab. Observers reported they saw Richards running toward her hotel suite saying, “You can forget this whole thing, here's your microphone. I’m done, I'm leaving, I wanna talk to my family.”

Richards’ 29-year-old daughter Brooke caught up with her mom, and observers heard the two arguing, with Richards screaming, “I'm not going down there, I'm not going for three months and I'm not going to miss your wedding.”

Brooke was heard yelling back, “Why do you have to be so f***ing picky, just go get the help you need. You have to do this, mom!”
Richards was urged by her children to return to the interview, but “she wouldn’t budge,” according to eyewitnesses. The explosive scene began to calm down when Dr. Phil approached the 50-year-old housewife, who could be heard rambling, “I do trust you, I don't know you, but I know you, so I can trust you and my kids trust you,” before telling Dr. Phil she couldn’t make any decisions until she spoke with her life coach and doctor.
Dr. Phil could be heard telling Richards not to make any more excuses. “Don’t cheat yourself, don't cheat your kids, just remember I told you that.” The emotional interview is scheduled to air Tuesday, April 28.

Unfortunately, more drama for Richards may be ahead, with rumors swirling that the reality star could be kicked off the hit Bravo show because producers feel she has become a liability due to her alleged substance abuse issues.
Richards’ sobriety has been a major storyline this past season on the show, and her alleged binge drinking has been the cause of clashes with co-stars, including Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump, and it reportedly caused a rift between her and her sister, Kyle Richards.