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John Travolta Talks ‘Forger,’ Football and Flying

John Travolta Talks ‘Forger,’ Football and Flying
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“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with John Travolta to talk about his new movie “The Forger,” some big football news making headlines, and revealed he reached out to fellow pilot Harrison Ford after his flying accident.
Travolta, a sports fan, revealed to AJ he’s also a fan of Tim Tebow, and was happy to hear that the player was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. “I really am, for many reasons.” He continued, “I love his integrity, but I just adore that some big team got smart and said this guy’s got talent and we know it, and we’re just gonna go for it. I was very proud of that move on the team’s part and felt so relieved for Tim. He wants to play football.”

The actor also says you just may see him at some upcoming Eagles games.
Starting this Friday, you can also see Travolta in “The Forger,” a new film in which he plays an art forger whose son is dying of a brain tumor, and to get out of prison he agrees to copy a famous painting. He took on the project because he has always had an interest in art. “I always had a high interest in painting. My grandfather was a painter, my father was painter, my brother paints. I did watercolors a few years ago and I took up oil for this job in order to more accurately portray him.”
Travolta was happy to talk about his family, daughter Ella and son Ben, and said both are doing really well. “Ben, my 4-year-old, is extraordinary. It’s like talking to a 30-year-old, and Ella is now of driving age, so we’re teaching her how to drive, although she already knows how, really.”  

He’s about to take the family to Hawaii and Tahiti to celebrate Ella’s birthday, a trip he will make as pilot.
The avid flier revealed he reached out to Harrison Ford after his recent crash landing. “I sent him a note telling him how proud I was of him, he did exactly what you’re supposed to do in an aircraft like he was in, you find a place to land and he did and he made it, and that’s all you can ask of any pilot, so I’m very, very proud of Harrison for the good job he did… outstanding.”
Look for John Travolta in “The Forger,” in theaters April 24.