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Broadway Bound! Gloria & Emilio Estefan Reveal Who Will Play Them on Stage

Broadway Bound! Gloria & Emilio Estefan Reveal Who Will Play Them on Stage
Bruce Glikas/Vivacity Media Group
Music icons Gloria and Emilio Estefan have handpicked Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra to play them on Broadway in "On Your Feet," the new musical based on their life story.
Ana Villafañe is a Cuban-American actress and singer who grew up in Miami and even attended Gloria’s old high school.
“I’ve always loved Gloria as a fan, but now getting to know her throughout this process, she’s been so generous. They’ve both been so generous already with their lives… and they’ve been so open and honest, and giving, and so I just want that same love that I’ve felt to translate on stage,” said Villafañe. “I feel… a responsibility to the story. I feel like an ownership. I felt an ownership before I even had it, which was crazy, and now that responsibility has only grown.”

Josh Segarra is of Puerto Rican descent and won over the Estefans at his first audition. His biggest fan, however, seemed to be Gloria and Emilio’s daughter Emily, who upon seeing him exclaimed to her mom, "Dad is hot!”

“The first time I read it, I knew that it was mine,” said Segarra about the part in the musical.

Emilio Estefan agreed, saying “We saw so many thousands of people… and I said this is the guy.”

Ana Villafañe and Josh Segarra (c) Bruce Glikas[Credit: Bruce Glikas/Vivacity Media Group]
Now that Gloria has seen Segarra and Villafañe interact with each other on stage, she said, “There’s definite chemistry that we can see.”

That chemistry will come in handy when "On Your Feet" debuts in Chicago for a limited summer run from June 2 through July 5. Broadway previews begin in New York at the Marquis Theater on October 5 leading up to opening night on November 5, 2015. Tickets are on sale now at OnYourFeetMusical.com/Tickets.