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Dennis Quaid’s Mea Culpa for Viral Meltdown, ‘I Apologize to Everyone Involved’

Dennis Quaid’s Mea Culpa for Viral Meltdown, ‘I Apologize to Everyone Involved’
Andrew Rocke / Splash News
Dennis Quaid seems to be the man of the moment after a video of the actor’s on-set outburst went viral April 14, but the leaked rant still has many fans wondering if it was all a well-planned prank.
"Extra's" AJ Calloway got Dennis Quaid’s first words on the streets of NYC yesterday after a 43-second video went viral. In the leaked video the 61-year-old actor is seen having a meltdown, screaming and cursing on what appears to be a set. When asked if the video was real or fake, Quaid played coy with AJ only saying, "I apologize to everyone involved.” 

The actor seemed to be in good spirits despite all the recent controversy, and posed for a pic with Calloway.

“That moment when you run into the man everyone is talking about today in Hollywood and you’re an entertainment reporter!” Calloway captioned on Instagram. “Just another day in NYC #DennisQuaid #EXTRALife.”

Many thought Quaid’s viral rant might be a hoax orchestrated by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who addressed the rumors during his show, telling the audience that he had watched Quaid’s freak-out 14 times the night before and confessed his favorite part of the video was when Quaid exploded on-set at Dopey the D**k.
“There are two-dozen articles – and thousands of comments online – suggesting that this is a prank – and that I am responsible for it,” Kimmel continued. “I have to say – that’s disappointing. You play like fifty pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore.”

Kimmel went on to tease the “Parent Trap” actor during his monologue, joking that "Dopey the D--k" would be a great name for a children's book. Despite the host addressing the rant on “Live with Jimmy Kimmel,” he never actually denied or confirmed if he was part of the prank.