Bethenny Frankel Talks ‘RHONY’ Trouble, Divorce Details and Being Skinny

Bethenny Frankel Talks ‘RHONY’ Trouble, Divorce Details and Being Skinny
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She’s back! Bethenny Frankel made her highly anticipated return to “The Real Housewives of New York” this week, and she’s already under fire for a comment she made in the premiere episode.
Bethenny joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she dished on what fans can expect this season, and defended calling herself “the wealthiest homeless person in Manhattan.”
“You can't even say anything without everyone attacking you,” said Frankel. “Now I'm offending the homeless. I donate so much money and help the homeless, it’s called humor. It's irony, it's just everyone's so sensitive.”

Frankel’s divorce from Jason Hoppy is also a sensitive subject for the reality star. The two have still not finalized everything, with a big point of contention being their Tribeca apartment in which Jason is now living.

“People are talking now, ‘why am I complaining, just go buy a place.’ There are a lot of things that happen during a divorce that you can’t discuss where you can’t just go buy a place,” explained Frankel. “I was living in corporate apartments and hotel rooms. I’ve gone through an experience and it’s made me realize material things aren’t important, it’s just an apartment, I built another home that I love, it’s beautiful and is stable for my daughter.”
The “Skinny Girl” mogul revealed what you will see on the reality show regarding her divorce and custody battle. “I talk about my perspective on everything, what I'm going through, what it feels like and how I’m at a different point in my life, and I have had what people consider failures.”
She promised lots of drama on “RHONY” this season. “It’s dramatic based on what the women are going through, which is really dramatic, which is real life drama, but not dramatic, put-on drama, not for the sake of being dramatic, it’s deep and it’s funny at the same time.”
What’s not funny for Frankel are all the recent headlines that have called Bethenny too skinny, but it’s not a battle she’s interested in fighting. “Now everybody wants me to get on some soapbox about skinny-shaming. I'm just not doing it.”
“People have an opinion that I'm thin, people have an opinion that other people weigh more or curvy, everybody’s got an opinion,” Frankel continued. “Dress for success is my chosen charity, this shaming of skinny people is just not something I'm willing to get into. Woe is me, I'm thin and people make fun of me, there are bigger problems.”
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