Josh Gad Dishes on the 'Comedians' and Why His Kids Are Over Him... In the Cutest Way Ever

Josh Gad Dishes on the 'Comedians' and Why His Kids Are Over Him... In the Cutest Way Ever
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Everyone knows Josh Gad voiced the lovable snowman Olaf in “Frozen”… well, everyone except his kids!
Gad joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood and told him the hilarious story of how his kids reacted when they realized for the first time that he was Olaf!

“There was this little trailer with Olaf, but he didn't speak in it. He just laughed, and she [4-year-old daughter Ava] hears the laugh and she looks at me and she goes ‘da-da’?” Gad explained. “I immediately was like, ‘Oh, you recognize me,’ and I turned away and I started bawling.”
“It was very cool,” Gad continued, “And now she's over it, she's like, give it a rest dad, we know you're Olaf!”
Gad also revealed he doesn’t know too much about what’s planned for the highly anticipated Disney sequel, but says he’s looking forward to it. “I just know that the creative team is all coming back for it, meaning all the writers, so whatever the storyline is, I’m sure they wouldn’t be committing to it unless they absolutely knew it was going to be phenomenal.”
Josh is also starring on the small screen in FX’s new show “The Comedians” with Billy Crystal, in which he plays a fictional version of himself. It’s basically a show within a show, Gad explained, and didn’t hold back when raving about working with the comedic genius Crystal.
“It’s amazing getting to perform opposite a living legend,” Gad gushed. “The show is about Billy and I, and basically this disconnect that exists between these two guys from completely different generations, having to work together on this comedy show on FX… and it’s unbelievable funny.”   
“The Comedians” premieres tonight on FX.