Meet 'The Voice' Top 12! See Who's Going Into the Live Shows

After a brutal night of eliminations, “The Voice” Season 8 has its Top 12! caught up with the remaining contestants backstage and found out some fun facts, from their celebrity crushes to favorite emojis.

Team Blake 


Corey Kent White
Who He Is: This Bixby, OK native got his start in a Western swing group called Oklahoma Stomp. According to Tulsa World, White later moved to Nashville where he became friends with Garth Brooks. After the country star convinced him to go to college, Corey enrolled in Oklahoma State University. He now lives back in Nashville.
Fun Fact: Corey loves, loves, loves bacon. “When I go to fancy restaurants and I can’t pronounce half the stuff on the menu – that happens quite frequently in L.A. – my go to is ‘Do you have anything on the menu that has bacon?’ And that’s how I order… I LOVE bacon.”

Meghan Linsey
Who She Is: Linsey is best known on “The Voice” as the contestant who once toured with Blake Shelton. While Meghan was a rising star in her early twenties, her career was stifled after her duo Steel Magnolia broke up. Now the New Orleans native is looking for a second chance.
Fun Fact: She entered a Christina Aguilera sing-alike contest in high school! “I dressed in the entire outfit from ‘Genie in a Bottle,’ and I won tickets to her show,” Meghan confessed, adding, “I am a huge Christina fan, I love her voice, her style, I’m just obsessed.” Too bad Xtina doesn’t know! “I’m not sure if I’ve really said that at the show. I don’t think she knows, because I don’t want to be all germy and weird!”

Hannah Kirby
Who She Is: This Texas native – with some serious dance moves – always impresses with her theatrical performances. While singing is her first love, Hannah has a back up plan. She is studying Psychology in college.
Fun Fact: Kirby has a major celebrity crush! “Since I was 15 years old, I have been such a huge fan, and it is my ultimate goal to get to sing with the Korean singer Kim Jae-joong. I love him and one day I want to meet with him on equal terms." Hannah wants to sing with him… and she wouldn’t mind marrying him too. “I don’t want to get too creepy, because I don’t want creep him out, but one time he said he would marry a fan, so I’m just putting that out there,” she said with a laugh.

Team Xtina


India Carney
Who She Is: India has an impressive education in music, she was classically trained in opera in junior high and went on to join the classical music program at UCLA. Now, it’s time for the Brooklyn native to go pro!
Fun Fact: She used to be a flag football referee at UCLA. Carney applied for a job as a tennis umpire, but was given the job as flag football referee instead. The gig lasted only one quarter. India said she loves her college rec department, but added jokingly, “I think they all know I should not have been a flag football referee.” 

Rob Taylor
Who He Is: Taylor, who grew up singing in church, passed up an opportunity to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston to care for his ailing mother. Now, the Baton Rouge native is hoping the time is right to pursue his career.
Fun Fact: He was once a sign spinner! Rob confessed that on a particularly hot day, he decided to take “one little three-hour break” and he got fired! “That was the end of my sign holding career,” he said with a laugh.

Kimberly Nichole
Who She Is: A Seattle native, Kimberly attended college in Atlanta before moving to NYC to pursue her dreams. Kimberly has already enjoyed some great success in the music industry, opening for Janelle Monae and Aloe Blacc, and performing as a backup singer for Gloria Gaynor.
Fun Fact: Nichole is a dog lover! “I have a dog at home, she is a half Shih Tzu and Yorkie and her name is Hendricks. She’s my baby.” While Hendricks had to stay behind in NYC, Kimberly had a little message for her, “Mama’s trying to make that money, girl!” 

Team Adam


Joshua Davis
Who He Is: Joshua’s time in the spotlight is well deserved. He has already released several albums and spent time touring. The Michigan native is also a longtime member of the Lansing roots group Steppin’ In It.
Fun Fact: Davis is a self-proclaimed “huge geek,” admitting, “I really like ‘Star Trek’… I’m into doing magic and I juggle.” He told us that he developed his magic and juggling skills as a way to pass time while on tour.

Deanna Johnson
Who She Is: Johnson is a small town girl from Hazlehurst, GA who grew up singing in church. When she auditioned for “The Voice” the first time, no chairs turned around, but she didn’t give up. When she returned this season, all four coaches were begging to have her on their team.
Fun Fact: She’s not scared of snakes, but she hates spiders and the dark. Growing up she would go out to a nearby pond and catch snakes and turtles. “I was fearless. I didn’t know that moccasins were poisonous, I never got bit though.” She’s still not scared of snakes, but… she admitted, “I hate spiders. I hate the dark.” 

Brian Johnson
Who He Is: Johnson, who hails from Cleveland, is a standout thanks to his high voice. While he started to pursue music in college, he put his plans on hold to help care for his father who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Fun Fact: He’s very particular about his coffee. “One thing that people may not know that I’m quite proud of is my ability to make an incredible cup of coffee,” he explained. “I brought an AeroPress. I’m not snobby about things at all in life, but with coffee, I love good coffee and I brought my favorite grounds from back home from Cleveland, Ohio and my own AeroPress.” 

Team Pharrell


Mia Z
Who She Is: This Pittsburgh native is just 16, and a sophomore in high school. Until now, music has been a family affair for Mia, who is in a band with her mom and uncle.
Fun Fact: Mia, whose last name is Zanotti, doesn’t have a middle name.

Sawyer Fredericks
Who He Is: Sawyer has been a fan favorite from the beginning. He’s a shy teen who lives on an 88-acre farm in Upstate New York. Singing on “The Voice” has been a big change for Fredericks, who was more accustomed to playing at the local farmer’s market.
Fun Fact: Inspired by Mia’s answer, he told us, “My middle name is Christopher because my dad raised his brother so I’m named after my uncle.”

Koryn Hawthorne
Who She Is: Hawthorne, a 17-year-old powerhouse from Abbeville, LA, got her start singing at nursing homes, benefits and competitions.
Fun Fact: Koryn is the one contestant we didn’t get to talk to after the show, but she was obviously excited about making it to the next round. She tweeted, “Ummm TOP 12!??? Yes! thank the fans and God !!! #teampharrell all the way!”