Burning Questions for the 'Mad Men' Mid-Season Premiere

Burning Questions for the 'Mad Men' Mid-Season Premiere

Don Draper and friends are back on April 5 for the final seven episodes of “Mad Men.”

As Season 7 and the series come to a close, we have so many burning questions!

Can Don be redeemed? Draper’s marriage to Megan is in shambles, his ex, Betty, refers to him as a “bad ex-boyfriend,” and his relationship with his kids is holding on by a polyester thread. It’s no wonder the late Bert Cooper tried to remind him “the best things in life are free.”

What does the McCann buyout mean for the SC&P team? We know the partners are getting a hefty payout, Don gets to stay, Ted has been convinced to stay, and Roger will be president, but will they be happy as a mere subsidiary?

Did the Burger Chef pitch catapult Peggy to another level? We are optimistic that Peggy has finally come into her own after landing that amazing pitch.

What about the babies? Will Joan and Roger finally get together to raise their son, and what about Peggy and Pete?

Can Don and Sally work it out? We hope these two can continue to repair their damaged father-daughter relationship.

How will it all end? We can’t even guess!

Watch the “Mad Men” mid-season premiere on April 5 at 10 PM on AMC.