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Wow, Punky! Soleil Moon Frye Flaunts 40-Pound Weight Loss in Hot Bikini Shots

Soleil Moon Frye revealed it’s been years since she’s been in a bikini, but is feeling better than ever since shedding 40 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem.

Frye admitted to People magazine she’s been struggling with her weight since giving birth to her third child, Lyric, who just turned one.

"I had the baby, and I was waiting for it to start coming off," she told the mag. "The frustrating thing for me was that one day I would lose a pound, but the next day I'd be back up two pounds. I needed help kicking it into gear.”

Frye decided to open up about her weight loss in hopes of inspiring others to live a healthier life, and most importantly she wanted her to also set a good example for her two daughters, 9-year-old Poet and 7-year-old Jagger.

"I really want my girls to have a healthy image to look to," the 38-year-old mom said.