'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale Live Blog!

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale Live Blog!

“Extra” is live blogging “The Walking Dead” Season 5 finale!


When we started Season 5, Rick, Daryl and the gang were locked up at Terminus, but narrowly escaped. Later they faced off with Dawn and her cronies at Grady Memorial Hospital, but lost Beth in the process.

Now, the crew has the chance at a better life in self-sufficient Alexandria, but living in suburbia doesn’t come easy to the road-weary survivors.

Last Sunday, fans watched as Rick had an epic meltdown, ranting and raving about the need to take out an abuser named Pete. That’s when Michonne walked up and knocked him out cold. So where does that leave the crew?

Keep reading for a full recap! Be sure to refresh for the latest updates.

10:30 PM: We see Michonne at her house. It looks like she is going to put her sword back up on the wall, but instead she puts it back on :( Then it cuts to a van with the words, "Wolves Not Far"! What does it mean? I guess we will have to wait until next season for the whole story.

10:29 PM: OMG! Deanna just gave Rick the go ahead to shoot Pete! Of course that happened just as Daryl and Aaron showed up with Morgan... awkward!

10:28 PM: Rick tells the group, "We will survive, I'll show you how." Pete shows up ranting and raving and slits Reg's throat! Was that Michonne's knife?!

10:27 PM: Wait is everyone healing and coming together! It is scene after scene of people coming together and making up. We are talking Glenn and revolving door guy, Sasha and Gabriel, Rosita looking after Tara... awww.

10:26 PM: Rick shows up at the meeting with a dead zombie! Explaining that it got in, he didn't bring it in.

10:25 PM: It doesn't seem Sasha has the guts to kill Gabriel either. Maggie stops her, before she pulls the trigger. Meanwhile, Gabriel cries that "they all died because of me." Maggie takes his hand, and lifts him off the ground. 

10:24 PM: Glenn doesn't have it in him to kill the revolving door guy.

10:23 PM: Now we've got Glenn with a gun on revolving door guy and Sasha holding a gun on Gabriel (in two different locations). Cut to the W crew loading zombies into the back of huge semi-trucks!

10:21 PM: Deanna tells everyone at the meeting that Father Gabriel came to her a few days ago warning her about the group! Jessie points out that Gabriel isn't there, while Deanna adds that Rick isn't either.

10:16 PM: Whoa, the two guys from the beginning of the episode, the W guys that Morgan had thrown in the back of the car, are shown slitting a guys throat. It seems they are making him into a zombie and throwing him into a fenced in area.

10:14 PM: Carol speaks out on Rick's behalf, explaining that there are bad people out there that they have encountered. At the same time, Rick is battling a zombie.

10:13 PM: Glenn's alive and appears to be closing in on revolving door guy!

10:12 PM: It looks like a zombie got in and Rick is fighting him off! Over at the town meeting, Michonne is speaking on Rick's behalf, trying to explain his actions. Cut to Gabriel and Sasha... a gun goes off! 

10:11 PM: Gabriel tells Sasha she doesn't deserve to be here after what she did, the choices she made. Sasha loses it and attacks him, throwing him against a wall.

10:10 PM: Deanna says it is time to talk about Rick Grimes. 

10: 09 PM: Rick is running along the fence, then we cut to Sasha. She's meeting with Gabriel saying she doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, the towns people are meeting up. Glenn and Rick aren't there.

10:01 PM: Rick comes clean to Michonne about the guns, saying he wasn't sure how she would take it. She asks if he thought she would stop them. He says, you did hit me over the head, but she says that was for him, and not them. He reveals that he thought Michonne would talk him out of it. She tells him that they don't need their weapons in Alexandria, but either way Michonne is still with him. She advises him, "Just don't make something happen." Then Rick hears a voice in his head... sounds like Morgan's!

10:00 PM: Glenn and the revolving door guy get into a punching match in the woods as two walkers approach. The revolving door guy gets out of the way as Glenn must fight off the two zombies.

9:59 PM: Gabriel returns to Alexandria. Deanna's son asks Gabriel to close the gate, he slams it, but it bounces back open as he walks away. Not a good sign! 

9:57 PM: Now, Abraham and Eugene are holding vigil at Tara's bedside. Eugene thanks Abraham for getting them this far, and apologizes for lying. Abraham says he's sorry too, for almost killing Eugene.

9:56 PM: Nope, it seems Gabriel is finally ready to do some zombie killing! Well, sort of. After killing one of the roamers, he threw himself on the ground sobbing.

9:52 PM: Is Gabriel on a suicide mission? Why is he walking up to zombies saying "I'm ready"?! Of course it cuts to commercial before we find out what happens.

9:51 PM: They make it to the other side of the fence. Phew! They invite Morgan to join them, but he explains he's trying to get somewhere, but he's lost. He shows them a map with Rick's "sorry I was an a**hole message."

9:50 PM: They jump out of the car and fight for their lives! And out of nowhere, Morgan appears!

9:47 PM: Trapped in the car, Daryl says he feels more himself out there than at Alexandria. Aaron recalls the storm they all lived through before they got to the refuge. Daryl lights up a smoke... he's kind of acting like he's going to sacrifice himself!

9:44 PM: Cut to Rick and Jessie. She tells him they can't be seen together and that's that.

9:43 PM: What?! Is Glenn shot? The revolving door guy came up on Glenn in woods and shot him, but Glenn seems to get away. OMG!

9:40 PM: Scarol just showed up at Pete's door saying "I could kill you right now" and brandishing a knife and a casserole. She taunts him, "come at me," hoping he will give her an excuse. Eventually, she shoves the casserole in his hands and leaves. He walks away saying "This isn't my house!"  

9:39 PM: Daryl and Aaron are trapped in a car with zombies all around. Aaron finds a note that says "Bad People" and "Don't Stay"!

9:34 PM: Noooo... Aaron and Daryl just opened up a truck full of zombies! It seems to be a trap, W zombies galore! Watching Daryl decapitate zombies by swinging a train is pretty impressive. Aaron smashing a zombie's head with a car door was pretty cool too!

9:32 PM: Aaron and Daryl keep looking for "good people."

9:31 PM: Rick goes home and tells Carl to be prepared that he might have to hurt or kill one of the residents. Carl keep saying "You have to tell them," but we aren't sure what exactly he's referring to.

9:30 PM: Next. Gabriel walks out of the town gates... without a gun! What is he thinking?

9:29 PM: Maggie and Glenn catch up and discuss the upcoming meeting, the Glenn hears something and seems to be on alert. 

9:28 PM: Rick is free to roam Alexandria! He's on the loose. That seems to make the towns people nervous. 

9:23 PM: Carol and Rick have a 1:1. Carol reveals that she didn't tell the others about the stash of guns. She notes that Rick doesn't want to take this place and doesn't want to lie, but he can't have both.

9:22 PM: Aaron and Daryl are seen walking and talking in the woods, discussing the past. Aaron says they sent three people away, two men and a woman. They were driven out with some food and water and left. The three were people that Aaron had brought in but they didn't work out.

9:20 PM: Intense scene... Sasha is digging a grave for a bunch of zombies, and then lays down with them in the hole!

9:19 PM: Reg Monroe tells Maggie that civilization starts when we stop running and that's what he wants to tell everyone at the meeting.

9:17 PM: Cut to Deanna and Maggie. Maggie says sending Rick away won't work, while explaining that he's lost so much. Deanna says she's going to have to do what she has to do.

9:15 PM: Carol tells Rick to explain that his actions stemmed from wanting to protect an abused person. They start to put together a plan to take over Alexandria if needed. If things go south at the meeting, they will grab Deanna and Spencer and threaten to slit their throats!

9:13 PM: Rick is in a room with Michonne watching over him. Michonne explains that Rosita patched him up and Carl came by to visit, but she wants to know what he's doing and wonders why she wasn't looped in. He explains that he couldn't tell her about the gun. Carol, Glenn and Abraham walk in and Carol asks if he took the gun from the armory. They explain Deanna wants a meeting. 

9:11 PM: After the commercial break we see Daryl and Aaron in the woods, before the scene switches to Rick. 

9:06 PM: When a second man with a W jumps out from the bushes, Morgan attacks both men with a stick and knocks them out. He shoves their dead bodies in the back of the crashed car.

9:04 PM: Morgan asks, "What's the W for?" The stranger spouts off some gibberish about the first settlers placing a bounty on wolves, and something about wolves being transformed into men. He also wants everything Morgan has, including his dead body.

9:02 PM: He's not alone! There is a man with him... and he's holding a gun! 

9:00 PM: It's happening! The finale kicks off with Morgan sleeping in a crashed car in the woods. He wakes up and looks at a lucky rabbit foot hanging from the rear view mirror. He smiles.