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Bobbi Kristina’s Fortune: What Could Happen to Her Millions, and Where is That $250k Ring?

As Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition remains unchanged, new question are being raised about what might happen to her $20-million inheritance... and a $250,000 diamond ring that’s missing.

bobbi-kristina-brown-tattoo-2[Credit: Instagram]

As far as the 10-carat diamond sparkler is concerned, Radar says the family is trying to track it down. The piece was reportedly a gift from Bobbi Kristina’s late mother, Whitney Houston, and hasn’t been seen since before Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub on Jan. 31.

When Krissi’s boyfriend Nick Gordon and his mom Michelle sat down with Dr. Phil last week, the therapist asked about a missing diamond ring. Nick’s mom said she was keeping it safe. A rep for Gordon told Radar that the ring referenced in the show was actually a different one.

The missing ring represents only a small portion of Bobbi’s net worth. The 22-year-old is set to inherit a total of $20 million.

bobbi-kristina-brown-ring[Credit: Instagram]

According to the New York Daily News, her mother arranged for her to receive 10 percent, or $2 million, at age 21, 15 percent, or $3 million, at 25 and the remainder of the fortune at 30.

The paper says that if Bobbi Kristina doesn’t pull through, her grandmother Cissy Houston and Whitney’s two brothers will inherit any money left in the trust.

That does not include money Bobbi has already received. If she does not have a will, then according to Georgia law, those funds, along with any assets, will go to next of kin. Unless Gordon can prove that he is legally married to Bobbi Kristina, the money will go to her dad, Bobby Brown.