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Kim K’s Former Friend Claims She Was Obsessed with Dieting Since 13

Kim K’s Former Friend Claims She Was Obsessed with Dieting Since 13
Courtesy of Nikki Lund
Kim Kardashian loves a good selfie, but according to former childhood friend Nikki Lund, the reality star has been obsessed with her weight and going on diets since she was 13 years old.
Lund, who is unveiling her first ever solo fashion collection at Style Fashion Week L.A. on Wednesday, was Kim’s best friend growing up after they met in grade school. She revealed to Heat magazine about how far the two went with their beauty extremes.
“At thirteen, we started to become more aware of ourselves. We began wearing makeup and started dieting.” The 33-year-old went on to say, “It was mostly Atkins and the South Beach Diet. We did the Cabbage Soup Diet and we’d be there boiling great big vats of cabbage.”  
According to Lund, it wasn’t just weighty issues that plagued the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star. “Kim was always saying her nose wasn’t perfect. I thought she was nuts. Every girl has something they don't like.”

Nikki-Lund_Kim-Kardashian[Credit: Courtesy of Nikki Lund]
Lund also shared some rare childhood photos of Kim looking fresh-faced and just as gorgeous as ever.

[Credit: Courtesy of Nikki Lund]
For more on Nikki Lund, read the full interview in this week’s Heat magazine, out now.