'DIG' Exclusive Clip! Peter's Quest, Red Heifers and More

'DIG' Exclusive Clip! Peter's Quest, Red Heifers and More
USA Network

The new USA Network show "DIG" continues to dig deeper.

In this exclusive clip to Thursday's episode, "Catch You Later," Peter (Jason Isaacs) continues his personal quest to find the murderer of a young American while also pursuing the escaped Yussef Khalid (Omar Metwally). Peter and Detective Golan Cohen (Ori Pfeffer) forge an uneasy alliance as Peter grapples with staying one step ahead of his partner. Elsewhere, Avram's (Guy Selnik) journey with the red heifer to Israel encounters a dangerous road block. Meanwhile, Tad Billingham (David Costabile) and his disciples prepare Josh (Zen McGrath) for a new life and an event that could alter the fate of the world.

The series also stars Anne Heche, Regina Taylor, Lauren Ambrose, Alison Sudol


Tune in to "DIG" tonight at 10PM on USA!