'Powers' Players Cheat Sheet! Everyone You Need to Know

'Powers' Players Cheat Sheet! Everyone You Need to Know
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Imagine a world where superheroes and humans coexist… and you’ve got PlayStation’s new show, “Powers.”

Those blessed with special talents – anything from hovering to flying to teleporting – are known as Powers.

Now, the Chicago PD has developed a special Powers Division to keep them in check. traveled to the set in Atlanta and got the scoop on all the “Powers” players. Check out our cheat sheet, and scroll down for a sneak peek of the show!
 gallery2[Photo: Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward / Credit: PlayStation]

Christian Walker: He used to be an A-list Power, but he lost his special abilities. Now, he’s just a regular guy and detective in the Powers Division. Actor Sharlto Copley says, back in the day, Christian “had his groupies. He did drugs. He drank. He sort of would go off the rails at times, but still be a superhero.” While Walker misses his life in the spotlight, his past definitely comes in handy in his new career.

Deena Pilgrim: She’s the daughter of a lawman and a wunderkind detective in her own right. Pilgrim, played by Susan Heyward, is new to the Powers Division and partnered with Christian Walker. Heyward says, “Deena’s strength is that she knows which rules to break,” while Christian “is someone who doesn’t know the rules at all.”

Johnny Royalle: He’s a criminal mastermind with the ability to teleport! Noah Taylor, who plays the villain and nightclub owner, says his character has a long history with Christian. “He and Christian were friends when they were young, and so there is that kind of backstory to them… now they are kind of foes, but there is a bond between them.”

Powers-Wolfe[Photo: Eddie Izzard / Credit: PlayStation] 

Wolfe: He’s a dangerous Power, incarcerated in the Powers Division’s prison called “The Shaft.” His strengths, like super speed, super strength and power absorption, are held in check by a series of brutal surgical procedures. Eddie Izzard reveals there was a “father-son” relationship between Wolfe and Walker and Wolfe and Johnny… “that went so hellishly wrong.”

Calista: Olesya Rulin plays wannabe Power Calista. The troubled teen hangs out with Powers kids – whose special talents kick in around puberty – hoping she will develop some of her own. Rulin says, “My character Calista believes that she is a Power, but she is on the brink of being too old almost, like this is it, it’s not happening so that’s where some of her desperation is coming from.”

Retro Girl: She’s a global Powers celebrity known for her commitment to justice and willingness to help others. Retro Girl, played by Michelle Forbes, is also a savvy businesswoman developing her own personal brand and landing countless endorsement deals.

Powers-Retro-Girl[Photo: Michelle Forbes / Credit: PlayStation] 

Captain Emile Cross: The leader of the Powers Division, Captain Cross is equally intelligent and intense. Adam Godley says of his character, “Captain Cross persuaded Christian to join the Powers Division. He could see that having someone who had been a Power, but no longer had that power would have particular insight.” He added that the department is “a bit of a laughing stock” at first, but that changes as the season goes on.

Krispin: Max Fowler plays Krispin, the son of Walker’s late partner in the Powers Division. Fowler says, “Like most kids, he started off loving powers, idolized them, looked up to them. [Krispin’s] dad used to be a cop in the Powers Department, [his] mom’s a publicist. It was all big and exciting… now he is not so sure of himself. It starts off quite gradual. You’re not sure where he’s standing…”

PlayStation will launch the series with three episodes on March 10! Find out how to watch it here.