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Dr. Phil Opens Up About His Intense Sit-Down with Nick Gordon

Dr. Phil Opens Up About His Intense Sit-Down with Nick Gordon
Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw’s highly anticipated interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon airs on Wednesday, and “Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with the talk show host and psychiatric expert to discuss the headlines that said Gordon was intoxicated, violent, and a danger to himself during the taping.

Dr. Phil revealed what happened on and off camera, explaining how the interview quickly turned into an intervention.

He said Gordon’s own lawyers begged him for help. “They say, ‘Listen, we need help… I know you came to do an interview, but he is out of control and we are worried for his life. We think he will self-destruct.’ It was clear to me that all of a sudden this interview became an intervention.”

McGraw agreed that Nick needed help once he saw him. “He was so animated and so emotionally out of control, I thought he could be dead in a matter of days if something doesn’t happen.”

Dr. Phil enlisted Gordon’s mom to help, having her fly in from Florida, but that didn’t prevent the scene from becoming chaotic. “As soon as he saw his mother, he was so happy to see her and he sat down and we started to talk. Every minute or two, he’d jump up and run out of the room, he would grab his phone and turn on a Whitney song, start playing it, start wailing and crying and throw his phone on the floor.”

As for reports he attacked members of Dr. Phil’s team, the psychiatrist said, “He’d get up, run out of the room and be knocking people out of the way running out into the hall. He didn’t attack anybody, he ran into probably not two people probably 20 people, just knocking people out of the way, running out of the room down the hall.”

Gordon was in such bad shape, he could not talk about any of the events that preceded Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization. “He was high as a kite,” explained McGraw. “He said he was drinking and he mentioned Xanax.”

Nick did, however, talk about feeling guilty. “He feels very strongly that he has a tremendous sense of guilt. He says ‘I feel like I let Whitney down, I feel like I’ve let Krissy down. I was supposed to protect her and I failed to do that.’”

Dr. Phil made sure Nick is protected from himself by getting him into a rehabilitation program. The doctor said, “I felt like if we did not get him to a structured and supervised environment, his life was in danger.”

Watch the dramatic interview with Dr. Phil on Wednesday, March 11. Check listings here.