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The Latest on Bobbi Kristina's Condition: An Expert Weighs In

The Latest on Bobbi Kristina's Condition: An Expert Weighs In
• An attempt to bring Bobbi Kristina Brown out of a coma this week caused her to suffer seizures.
• She is now back in a medically induced coma.
• A neurologist says that seizures mean that there is still brain activity.
• The doctor also explains that a coma can give the brain time to heal.

Bobbi Kristina Brown suffered a setback this week when doctors attempted to bring her out of a coma, causing her to suffer seizures. 

Although she is now back in a coma, a medical expert, who has not treated Bobbi Kristina, tells People that it isn’t all bad news for Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s only daughter.

Neurologist Eli Zimmerman of Massachusetts General Hospital said, "Seizures indicate that the patient is not brain dead. There has to be some brain activity."

The doctor added, "Patients are sedated – put into a medically-induced coma – because doctors want the brain to have to do as little as possible. This way, the brain can heal."

"The medications that are used to sedate the patient also prevent seizures," Zimmerman explained. "If the brain has been irritated by injury, it may go into seizures once the medication is stopped. In a situation like that, we may introduce medication for seizures that are not so severe."

A family member told the magazine that there hasn’t been any change in the 21-year-old’s condition in the past two days.

Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically induced coma since she was found unconscious in a bathtub at her Roswell, GA home on Jan. 31.