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Halle Berry Says Hollywood Pushes Plastic Surgery Like It's Crack

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Halle Berry as she was being honored at the unite4:good Foundation and Variety’s 2nd annual unite4:humanity gala, presented by Alcatel OneTouch.

Halle Berry Says Hollywood Pushes Plastic Surgery Like It's Crack
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At the event, the actress talked about fighting Hollywood's obsession with plastic surgery.

Berry said, “It's like crack. Everywhere I go now people will say, ‘If you just did a little bit of this, it'll make a little bit of that go away.’ I have a feeling they're like drug pushers, like trying to take me to the dark side. I just continue to resist and want to find ways to age gracefully.”

The Oscar winner looked gorgeous with her longer hair. “I'm a short-hair person by nature, but I'm getting into it,” she smiled.

She says 6-year-old daughter Nahla loves playing with it. “With my short hair she can't do it up. With this hair, she can put berets in it, or a bow in it.”

As for son Maceo, 18 months, the proud mom beamed, “He's fantastic. He's very big now. He's walking, talking.” 

Halle was being honored at the united4:good Foundation’s united4:humanity gala for her work with the Jenesse Center, a program that helps women escape domestic abuse.

Berry explained, “Domestic violence is a tough cause. It's very hard to get people motivated to care about battered women. People seem to think… if they left this would be over, but it's not that simple.”

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