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Neil Patrick Harris Plots How He’ll Top the Ellen DeGeneres Selfie at Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris is getting ready to host the 2015 Oscars, and he has a plan to surpass Ellen DeGeneres’ record-breaking selfie from 2014. 

Neil Patrick Harris Plots How He’ll Top the Ellen DeGeneres Selfie at Oscars
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Speaking with “Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds, Harris said he’s ready for the challenge. “That selfie was a terrific element of her show, so I’ve got to figure out what to do. I have to take that selfie to the other level.” The actor then laughed, “So, I think that just may be the downstairs level, and I’ll just take a picture of my stuff!”

In all seriousness, Harris admitted he is nervous, despite having hosted many award shows. “Very, very nervous, but nerves are a part of the process. I think if you didn’t have nerves hosting the Oscars, you’d be some sort of robot person, and while I’m part robot, nerves still exist within me.”

The Oscars host gave a little insight into how this show will be different from when he hosted the Emmys and Tonys. “You’re dealing with movies, the cinema, dealing with visuals more than dealing with performers or people on TV shows and the glamour. The scale of movies is much larger, so you have to be creating content that honors that larger form.”

Neil also revealed he is secretly rooting for his “Gone Girl” co-star Rosamund Pike to win Best Actress. “She is gorgeous, super talented, super funny, smart. She just had a baby, and she couldn’t look more beautiful… I’m the luckiest guy ever to be able to have been in a movie with her and been able to be intimate with her without a lawsuit or a restraining order.”

The 2015 Academy Awards will be presented live, this Sunday on ABC!