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Vehicular Manslaughter? New Evidence Could Prove Bruce Jenner at Fault in Crash

A new video of Bruce Jenner’s accident that killed one of his neighbors could prove that the crash was his fault, and result in a vehicular manslaughter charge.

bruce-jenner-1[Credit: Splash]

It was previously believed that Jenner rear-ended a white Lexus (which had rear-ended a Prius), pushing the Lexus into oncoming traffic where it was hit again, killing the driver. Why the Prius had slowed down or stopped on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu is unclear.

Now, sources tell TMZ that an MTA bus caught the entire incident on camera, revealing that Jenner hit both cars… and that the Prius and Lexus never made contact.

The video could give the prosecution evidence they need to prove that the former Olympian was following too closely.