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Sarah Palin Recycles Bristol's Dress for 'SNL 40th Anniversary Special'

Good fashion sense runs in the Palin family!

Sarah Palin Recycles Bristol's Dress for 'SNL 40th Anniversary Special'
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Just look at this sparkly number Sarah Palin nabbed from daughter Bristol’s closet!

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Sarah, 51, wore the ivory dress to the “Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special,” while Bristol, now 24, chose the shoulder-baring mini for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011.

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All eyes were on Palin during a Jerry Seinfeld sketch, when the comedian pretended to mistake the politician for Tina Fey.

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway had a run-in with Palin before the show, when she crashed our red carpet interview with Al Sharpton!

The political odd couple spoke with Calloway about “SNL” and the possibility of Palin running for president.

Sharpton said, “We are the direct opposites of American politics, but we’re here tonight!” Palin added, “We both love America so much, it's Americana all the way.” Rev. Al jumped in, saying, “And they spoof both of us… we’re equally spoofed.”

Palin laughed, saying that when she turns on the TV she has to do a double-take. “Tina Fey is so good.” Sharpton joked, “I defend the fact the she actually sees Russia from her house.” Palin blushed, teasing, “I should kick you in the shins.” Sharpton took the jesting one step further, saying, “I want you to run again… it will help us out!”

When AJ asked Palin if she will run again, she answered, “Not if it’s according to his reasoning, no!”