Courtney Love Talks Return to TV in ‘Empire’

Singer/actress Courtney Love is set to star as a recurring guest on the hit FOX show “Empire,” playing a singer who’s past her prime.

Courtney Love Talks Return to TV in ‘Empire’
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Love laughed, “I’m playing a rock star who has a drug problem… so stretch!”

Courtney clarified the role isn’t autobiographical. “I'm actually not playing myself. This story's based a lot on Whitney [Houston], a little bit is pulled from Amy Winehouse… and there's some Mariah in there.”

Love revealed it took her a while to return to acting after dealing with her personal issues. “It did take three years of basically stalking show runners and producers and agents.” Last year, Love had a guest spot on “Sons of Anarchy.”

The singer is also busy working on an opera, and said she was just offered a film role — the first in 11 years. She joked, “It’s good to be out of actor jail… actor jail sucks.”

“Empire” airs tonight on FOX!