The Battle for the Best Super Bowl Ads: Budweiser Puppy, Snickers and More!

The New England Patriots took the Super Bowl XLIX title, but who wins for best commercial?

Budweiser may have come out on top this year with the sweetest puppy-horse friendship ever!

Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady? Steve Buscemi as Jan? The best Snickers ad by far!

P&G's feminine care brand Always shows what it’s like to really be “#LikeAGirl.”

Nationwide Insurance’s somber “Make Safe Happen” commercial… is it too much of a downer, or poignant?

Of all the movie trailers that played during the big game, the “Jurassic World” sneak was simply awesome.

Finally, Nissan’s first Super Bowl ad in 18 years brought a tear to the eye, especially if you’re a dad.