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Celebrity Feud: Brandi Glanville Calls Kenya Moore ‘Frightening,’ Kenya Fires Back

Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore are battling it out to become the next winner of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but they’re also battling each other. 

Celebrity Feud: Brandi Glanville Calls Kenya Moore ‘Frightening,’ Kenya Fires Back
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Both “Real Housewives” were at Universal Studios Hollywood in back-to-back interviews, talking to “Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds about their real-life feud. The rivalry between Brandi and Kenya began long before “Celebrity Apprentice.”  

Brandi revealed she started it, to an extent. Glanville claims that she told Us Weekly how much she loved “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and when the reporter asked which housewife she would give advice to, she told them, “I think Kenya Moore, when she was dating Walter, she was like, ‘Marry me, marry me, marry me' — that reeks of desperation.”

According to Brandi, they only printed, “Brandi Glanville says Kenya Moore reeks of desperation.” 

She continued, “We hadn’t met before, so it was really unfortunate, I tried to talk to her about it when I did meet her, that didn’t go too well, but I understand it.”

Their drama boiled over into the boardroom on this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” when Kenya made at jab at Brandi, bringing up her marriage and the fact that Eddie Cibrian replaced her with someone younger and prettier.  

Kenya defended herself, saying, “I’d gone through five episodes of her trying to provoke me and irritate me, say the nastiest things about me without any proof or real justification, and the last straw was when she said ‘I’m going to beat your a**’ like someone from my show did (referring to the altercation between Kenya and Porsha Stewart) to me. You are making a mockery of me being physically attacked.”  

Moore continued, “That was a low blow and those were fighting words, I don’t believe you fight cruelty with cruelty, I will say that, but in that case I think I was justified in doing so.”

Brandi said the comment about her ex-husband didn’t bother her, “She was saying little things the whole time… so it was just, like, okay, if I react now in the boardroom I’m going to look really bad, so I just let it go. I think that ultimately she looks worse for saying it.”

Will the two ever be able to put their differences aside? Kenya said she’s friendly to Brandi. “I saw her at the Golden Globes, I spoke first. I saw her at the TCAs, I’m always the one who speaks. I don’t have an issue with her… seems like she wants an issue with me.”

Brandi had a different take, calling Kenya, “a frightening person.” She went on to say, “She’s smart, really smart, but also really crazy, so the combo is deadly and you will see on ‘The Apprentice,’ I’m serious.”

Fans can see how serious by watching “Celebrity Apprentice,” Mondays on NBC.