Super Bowl Ads 2015: The Race for Best Commercial Is On!

Sure, Super Bowl XLIX will be all about the big matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, but it’s also the one time of year we get see some stellar commercials!

Here are some we’re looking forward to:

  • “Kim

    Selfie-obsessed Kim Kardashian is in a Super Bowl ad? Oh, it’s definitely happening… check it out.

  • “Charlotte

    Move over, Kate Upton! Meet the new super hot, totally nude, Carl’s Jr. burger-eating model here.

  • “Human

    #UpForWhatever? Bud Light enters this fan into a real-life game of PacMan.… take a look!

  • “Pierce

    Pierce Brosnan wants to make an action commercial for the Kia Sorento, but it turns into something else. Watch!

  • “Mindy

    Is Mindy Kaling really invisible? She’d like to think so, but Nationwide Insurance says otherwise… watch!

  • “Katie

    Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel spoof their lack of knowledge about the BMW they’re driving… take a look!