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Paris Hilton Monkey Business in Bali... Yes, We Said It!

Mega million-heiress Paris Hilton just went on an Instagram spree with a bunch of monkeys in Bali. Gotta love it.

Having a heart to heart with this lil guy. Sometimes I feel more connected to animals then I do with people. 👸🐒

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Paris has been on vacation in Bali with her good friend Cari Sladek, staying at the ultra ritzy Hotel W Resort and Spa.

#LovingLife in Bali. #Blessed #Happy #Grateful 🙌

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Yes, Paris poolside or frolicking with friends makes for great visuals.

Floating around in Paradise. 🌴🌈👯🌈🌴

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It was her trip to Monkey Forest Road that we could not stop watching. Check out her video diary.

Obsessed with this lil baby 🐒

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Now how long until she brings one of these lil' primates home as a pet?