Sarah Palin Calls ‘American Sniper’ Haters ‘Hypocrites’

“Extra” was with Sarah Palin in Las Vegas as she weighed in on the controversy surrounding the film “American Sniper,” and her late friend, Chris Kyle. 

Sarah Palin Calls ‘American Sniper’ Haters ‘Hypocrites’
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Sarah was fired up and sticking up for Chris and his family. “I have had this admiration for Chris Kyle, for his wife, for the family, certainly what the family has gone through these last couple of years… Chris Kyle, a true American hero and people need to realize that.” 
She called out stars who have slammed the film, saying, “These celebrities that we worship who haven't done a doggone thing to protect our Constitution or our freedom, and then you have someone like Chris Kyle out there putting his life on the line, getting rid of the bad guys before the bad guys get us. And yet he's demonized by some of those celebrities who should be appreciating the opportunity they have to do whatever they want to do.” She continued, “Hypocrites are the ones who are slamming Chris Kyle.”
Sarah met Kyle in 2011 when he helped with security at one of her public appearances, calling him “Awesome.” She went on, “I can’t even tell you what a wonderful man, very, very humble… he never sought any kind of spotlight. He always said ‘I’m just doing my job’… his priorities were right; family, faith, freedom.”

Kyle also starred with Palin's husband, Todd, in the reality TV competition show, “Stars Earn Stripes.” The family is still close with his widow, Taya Kyle. Sarah’s message for her, “I just want Taya to know there are more of us than there are of them. Those haters.”
Palin is a huge fan of the film “American Sniper,” pulling for Bradley Cooper to win the Oscar. “I am so appreciative of Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood being able to manifest their respect for our military.” 
Sarah, who was at the Salvation Army in Vegas to host a Hunt.Fish.Feed event, told “Extra” she is ready to take on her controversial guest on next week’s episode of her reality show, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.”  
“Ted Nugent is my blood brother… he calls it like he sees it. He's like, screw the political correctness.”
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