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Miley Cyrus on Having the Birds and the Bees Talk with Her Parents

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Miley Cyrus to talk about MAC’s Viva glam line, which benefits the MAC AIDS Fund promoting safe sex. 

Miley Cyrus on Having the Birds and the Bees Talk with Her Parents

Miley revealed how her own parents handled the birds and the bees conversation when she was growing up.

“Most people are shy to have a conversation about sex in general or sexuality, I've never been that type of person.”

She continued, “My parents were always so cool about me asking a billion questions… it was never a thing where I had to ask, my parents would just talk to us about it.”

Miley’s not afraid to talk about sex, but wasn’t ready to kiss and tell when Mario asked if her MAC line is kissable. “It is kissable… they were asking me how it works with makeout sessions, and I was like, ‘I don't know, but I do know for a day of press it is incredible.”

The conversation also turned to her recent vacation with boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger. The two were soaking up some sun in Maui when she decided to take a stand against the paparazzi. “You're never going to believe this but these motherf****ers wouldn't quit taking my f***king picture… people were saying to me, ‘Come on we'll leave you alone if you give me a shot in your bikini,’ and I said go to my f***ing concert, I wear way less than a bikini in there… I do interviews in way less than a bikini.”

Case in point, Miley wore only bubbles for her V Magazine “Dirty Hippie Diary.” Mario asked, “So what inspired you to let it all hang out?” Miley said she enjoys hanging out nude and taking pics. “As you would imagine, I walk around naked a lot… you get bored in some hotel rooms, you get naked and you take some pictures.”