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A-List Emergencies! Paramedics Called to the Golden Globes

Yikes! The paramedics were called to the Golden Globes not once, but twice on Sunday.

A-List Emergencies! Paramedics Called to the Golden Globes
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According to multiple reports, Kathy Bates was injured during the award show and an unidentified man at an A-list table passed out.

Us Weekly says Bates was injured about an hour into the ceremony. One onlooker told the mag she “screamed out in pain and almost collapsed.” The insider thought someone may have stepped on the “American Horror Story” star’s foot.

"She limped back to her table and looked to be crying in pain," the source said.

The onlooker said paramedics were called to tend to Bates.

The actress wasn’t the only one having a tough night. An unidentified man seated near Jane Fonda, Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum and others, passed out from the intense heat of the lights, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A Beverly Hills Police Dept. spokesperson told the trade publication that the fire department met with the man and determined that no medical treatment was required.