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How Can You Get Jennifer Lopez’s Amazing Body? She Shares Her Secrets

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez was behind the scenes with Jennifer Lopez as she filmed a commercial for her new campaign with BodyLab. Mario spoke with her about how she stays healthy and looking so hot.

How Can You Get Jennifer Lopez’s Amazing Body? She Shares Her Secrets
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Lopez explained what she typically eats each day. “I usually start off with a shake in the morning. Right before lunch I start getting really hungry, so I’ll have bit of fruit or a bar, then I'll have lunch, usually something yummy. I don’t like giving up yummy food. That’s a big deal for me, but it'll be something like chicken and salad or vegetables or quinoa. Again, I learned that doing the plant-based program, that’s really good for you. Then, at night, sometimes I just eat whatever I want to be honest. It's dinnertime. I’m going to have a good meal with my kids.”

She said portion control is also a key. “I don’t deprive myself of things. I just try to moderate it a bit, so if I want to have a little bit of rice and beans, because that’s what I grew up with, and some steak or whatever, I can do that.”

As for her fitness routine, Lopez works out with celeb trainer Tracey Anderson. “She understands a woman’s body. She knows different muscle groups… firing off smaller muscle groups and getting them to work.”

Lopez also embraces her most famous asset, her booty, and the whole booty culture. “When we idealize one thing, it’s unhealthy for everybody else. I think being curvaceous, or bigger than normal or smaller than normal, all of it’s okay so long as it’s healthy… there shouldn’t be one ideal of what beautiful is and I think that why the booty movement is a big deal because for so long women with big hips or a big butt were considered fat.”

The actress talked about her work with BodyLab. “It’s a lifestyle… there’s a website, recipes there for moms who are busy. You go on and know it’ll be healthy, fast. We have supplements. There’s people who battle with losing weight. There are things for them… the special thing about it is it’s made by women for women.”

She added that her BodyLab campaign, “Be the Girl of Your Dreams, means, “Be relatable to all women. We all wake up with no makeup on. We all wake up and have to hit that gym. It’s no different for me than anybody else. You have to put in the work… there are no shortcuts.”

Lopez shared how she stays motivated. “I think about what I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I just give myself short-term goals… so I'm really going to focus and then turns out you get into a good routine.”

J.Lo summed it up. “At the end of the day, you have to care about yourself. Take care of yourself, all the things you don’t want to hear. You have to eat right, get rest, not party too much, all that stuff is going to serve you well as time goes on.”

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