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'American Idol' Contestant Josh 'JDA' Davila Is Now a Trans Woman

Josh “JDA” Davila of “American Idol” fame is now Jaidah Christina, the show’s first transsexual contestant.

The Season 12 contestant opened up to Sean Daly at TheTVPage.com about her transition, saying, “I am not just crossdressing anymore. I am not this gay, feminine boy. I am actually now on hormone replacement therapy. I have been for a year and a half.”

Jaidah, 30, added, “I don’t even recognize the person that I used to be on ‘Idol.’”

The singer, who now works at a nightclub in Chicago, explained that she injects herself with hormones twice a week, but doesn’t have plans to undergo cosmetic surgery.

“If I had all the money in the world, I would definitely consider certain expensive surgeries that are available to us trans women who want to feminize ourselves a little more,” she said. “But when I look in the mirror, I see someone very, very feminine already. I translate well to a woman. I haven’t had any cosmetic procedures whatsoever.”

She continued, “I am good where I am at right now. Yes, I do get insecure. And yes, I do think about wanting to make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. But it is not going to happen unless I win the lottery. So it is not something I chose to focus on because it is not available to me right now.”

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