Sarah Palin Hotter Than Baked Alaska at 50 Years Old!

"Extra" is unveiling your first look at season 2 of Sportsman Channel's "Amazing America with Sarah Palin," and the network is promising to show "Sarah Palin like you've never seen her before."

In the promo, Governor Palin is rocking a pair of sexy red, white and blue boots, along with a pair of tight jeans and a tight top, hopping in a car after hitchhiking. When asked, "Where are you headed?" Palin answers, "Somewhere amazing." Get it? Cause it's "Amazing America." We love it.

The former vice presidential candidate will be joined this season by conservative rocker Ted Nugent. "Sarah Palin is a great American and a great friend to freedom lovers everywhere," proclaimed Nugent. "She will go down in history as a strong, courageous freedom fighter for 'We the People' in this diabolical culture war. I am proud to stand with her."

The mama grizzly, who just invited "Extra" exclusively behind the scenes as her show filmed in Texas, told our co-host Charissa Thompson, "I'm not wired to sit down and shut up."

When asked if she will run for president, she replied, "2016 is a long time away, so praying about such an issue, because that's a big darn deal when it comes to family."

While we're pretty sure she's not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, she's all for seeing Clinton's name on the Democratic ticket. "I would love to see a woman on both sides of the aisle shooting for that top spot."

For now, we vote that you check her out on "Amazing America with Sarah Palin," premiering January 15 on Sportsman Channel.