The Stars of 'The Hobbit' on Extreme Costumes, Makeup and Devoted Fans!

"Extra” sat down with the stars of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," and the cast dished on their dramatic costumes and makeup, dedicated fans and much more!

Martin Freeman, who plays Bilbo Baggins, described seeing his co-stars all done up in Middle Earth gear. "I didn't recognize any of the actors playing dwarves. They'd appear, I'd go, ‘Who the hell are you?’ It was only when they spoke, I knew who they were."

Being that Evangeline Lilly, who plays Elf Tauriel, worked with dwarves in the movie, she revealed how she feels about short men in real life. "I'm totally cool with it. But recently I've experienced what it can be like to be with a tall guy and it's pretty fantastic."

Lilly and Lee Pace, who plays Elf King Thranduil, spoke about the experience of being in the physically demanding movie. Lilly said, "I had one time where I pulled back my bow to take a shot and I let go and it took my ear right off."

Lee added, "You're trying to keep yourself together, be graceful, and I kept falling down. I fell down walking up to my throne."

Orlando Bloom, who reprises his “LOTR” role as Legolas, explained the dedication of many "The Hobbit" fans. "I had six different people with that Legolas thing tattooed on their thighs."

"The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies" hits theaters December 17.