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Bizarre Beauty Trends! Thigh Gap Therapy, Eyelash Transplants and More!

It turns out Americans want to look better from head to toe, and that includes some bizarre new beauty trends like thigh gap therapy, eyelash transplants and more!

Bizarre Beauty Trends! Thigh Gap Therapy, Eyelash Transplants and More!
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Here are five of our favorites, courtesy of

Thigh Gap Therapy: Women hate it when their thighs touch, so it only makes sense that a new therapy will attempt to create a supermodel-esque gap between them. Thrive, a clinic in Dallas, uses a cold laser called a Zerona to zap the fat. The device is FDA approved, but the jury is out on whether it really works.

Eyelash Transplant: Long lashes are all the rage, and some are taking it to the extreme by removing hair from the back of the head and using it to make lashes. The procedure was originally developed for burn victims, and now it is going mainstream.

Cinderella Surgery: Why would a woman want plastic surgery on her feet? To fit into stilettos, of course. Beverly Hills podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh offers “Cinderella Surgery” to remove bunions and make heels more comfortable, while Dr. Neil Blitz in NYC offers “Bunionplasty."

Vacation Breasts: Women can now get a temporary boob job, thanks to Dr. Norman Rowe’s “vacation breasts.” The New York plastic surgeon uses a liquid injectable to give patients a two-to-three-week boost.

Earlobe Reconstruction: There is now a cosmetic surgery designed for patients hoping for normal ears after getting tribal piercings and gauges. Once the lobes have been stretched beyond a certain point, they won’t be able to shrink back to their normal size. Instead, a doctor must cut off the extra skin and reshape the lobe.

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