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Ashton Kutcher Gets Emotional Talking About Mila and Daughter Wyatt on 'Ellen'

New dad Ashton Kutcher thinks Mila Kunis is the most amazing mom ever!

He let the world know it when he stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week to talk about fatherhood, baby Wyatt and his fiancée.

In the interview, set to air on Friday, he told Ellen, "The most amazing thing about having a baby is my partner, Mila. She's the greatest mom — I can't even! Like, I go to work every day and I come home and she's perfect. And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn't go amazing, but she never complains. It's unbelievable. She's incredible."

The couple is taking care of 2-month-old Wyatt on their own, without a nanny. Ashton explained, "We just want to know our kid. We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby's crying to make the baby not cry anymore. We want to know when she makes a little face or something. We want to be emotionally in touch with her, and I think the only way to do that is by being the one who's there."

When Ellen asked what surprised him the most about being a dad, he replied, "It's just how much you can love another person. You think you know how much you can love another person and then you have a child and you realize you didn't know. It's infinitely rewarding. There's a great quote by Carlos Slim. He said, 'Most people think they need to make a better world for their children, but the reality is we need to make better children for our world.’ I try to live by that. I really look at this as the greatest opportunity of my life."

Kutcher admitted that while having a newborn is “incredible” there is a whole lot she can’t do yet… sorta like a new phone.

"When you first get them it's... you're all excited and you're ready to do all these things. And then you realize it's like getting a new cell phone where all the features don't work yet. It's like a phone that won't take pictures and you're like, 'Why won't my phone take pictures?' And it won't make calls and it doesn't do a lot, but it looks really cute."

Apparently, she thinks so too, because, "She found herself in the mirror and realized she was able to control the thing in the mirror.”

The couple has been spending a lot more time at home these days in order to avoid the paparazzi. How do they spend their days? Watching shows like “The Voice” and assembling things. "We got a lot of gifts from people who are super generous," he said. "We've got all these cool toys and we don't get to use them all. I would like to just use the stroller once, but we don't get to go to the mall and just stroll. I have assembled a lot of things that we haven't gotten to use yet. I'm just assembling things, Ellen!"

Ellen was then nice enough to gift the couple with a stroller with a privacy visor!

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