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Fantasy Football Guru Matthew Berry Ranks the Kardashians and Opens Up About His FOX Sitcom

Matthew Berry is living his “Fantasy Life.” As ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Analyst, he’s not just the go-to guy for fantasy football questions across America, he's Hollywood’s guy too.

He’s in a league with Howard Stern’s crew, making trades with Baba Booey, and advising Seth Meyers, Zooey Deschanel, and “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams, to name a few.

He’s also headed to Jay Z’s fantasy draft, telling “Extra,” “When Jay Z calls you and invites you to his draft, you go. Jay Z is the greatest fantasy football trash talker in the history of the world, it’s unreal. In what other universe would you expect me to be hanging out with Jay Z but in fantasy football?”

Matthew says Jay Z is tops in his league, but not every star is good at it. David Spade admitted to him that he hasn’t won a game in two years, so Matthew’s sending him this message: “David, reach out to me. I’ll help you, we’ll get you some wins.”

Berry, who started out as a writer in Hollywood, is seeing his career come full-circle, as his NY Times Bestseller “Fantasy Life” is being adapted for a FOX sitcom starring Kevin Connolly, telling us, “At ESPN, I always joke, I had to leave Hollywood to get on TV. I’m thrilled with FOX picking it up, they’re writing the pilot now and fingers are crossed.”

Since we’ve got the king of rankings here, we’re putting reality TV’s most watched family, the Kardashians, in his sights. “I actually have algorithms for this, I’ve crunched the numbers. Kim’s obviously #1, I don’t think she actually broke the internet, she came close. She’s your #1 no-brainer.” He puts Kourtney as his second, and his surprising sleeper, Bruce Jenner is third! “These rumors and some of these pictures and the painted nails, there’s some weird stuff going on.”

Check out the video to hear his full take on the Kardashians, how he ranks the Oscar race, and why George Clooney is his #1 Hollywood star!